Review Session and Workshop

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SWBAT describe the similarities and differences between the two key problems of this unit and to use multiple representations to compare these problems.

Big Idea

What kinds of situations generate quadratic relationships? What are some characteristics of quadratic relationships? Use two situations that students have examined in depth to develop a more abstract understanding of these relationships.


20 minutes

Review Session

40 minutes

Give students lots of time to work, and help them stay focused by asking them to constantly assess their understanding and mastery. The workshop is not about "fill stuff in" or "completing worksheets," but rather it is about understanding. Ask students to be experts and to teach each other, or ask students to circulate around the room to work with different people. 

End the workshop with a self-assessment, either for students to complete orally in pairs, or by asking them to write briefly about what they have mastered and what they still need to review.