Rational Function Review Day 2

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Students will be to able simplify rational expressions.

Big Idea

Connect the operations performed on rational numbers to rational expressions in this paired activity.

Warm up and Homework Review

10 minutes

I include Warm ups with a Rubric as part of my daily routine. My goal is to allow students to work on Math Practice 3 each day. Grouping students into homogeneous pairs provides an opportunity for appropriately differentiated math conversations.  This lesson’s Warm Up- Rational Functions Review Day 2, asks students to evaluate a new method to solve complex fractions and compare it to their current method.

I also use this time to correct and record the previous day's homework.   

Review Activity

40 minutes

This activity is inspired by the pass the paper activity that I’ve done in other review lessons.  Each slide on the website has two problems.  Students will work with their partner and each will simplify or solve one of the problems.  If they did their math correctly, they should get the same answer.  This will cut down on my having to show them solutions on the board.  If they get something different, they will have to analyze their work to find the mistake (Math Practice 3).  

Exit Ticket

3 minutes

For an exit ticket, I ask the student to list the topics they are going to study before the test.