Character Types Presentation Conclusion

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Student pairs will complete their powerpoint presentation designed to teach their peers about one of the character type labels we are studying.

Big Idea

Get 'Er Done! Show Some Character!

Guided Practice/Independent Practice

45 minutes

Student pairs will have nearly the entire class period to complete their presentations. They are given the grading rubric in order to ensure they have every opportunity to be successful. I will continue to move throughout the room in order to provide continued support for the students as needed. When I feel a pair of students is getting off track, or just could use a little nudge in the right direction, I try to do so by drawing their attention to the appropriate area of the grading rubric. This helps me to develop more independence in the students over time. Unless a student is really struggling with a particular concept or idea, I try to rely on my process of directing them to the appropriate part(s) of the rubric to support them as they work to make the necessary adjustments on their own. 

Student Reflection

5 minutes

At the conclusion of the class period, students submit their presentations for grading on our classroom page. Once that part is completed, students are asked to evaluate their collaboration by scoring themselves using a 1-5 scale where 1 is "not at all/unsuccessful" and 5 is "completely/highly successful." The areas they evaluate include: time management, equitable participation, clarity of presentation, spelling/grammar/conventions, and overall collaboration.