Transformational Geometry Performance Task Day 2

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SWBAT apply transformations to a real world setting.

Big Idea

This is the second day for the Transformational Geometry Performance Task. Students create a tessellating design using transformations in the context of solving a problem for the Red Queen from Lewis Carroll's book, Through the Looking Glass.

Do Now

5 minutes

As students walk in the room, I instruct them to take out their tessellation template, which they created in the previous lesson and I pass out the Floor Plan Grid. I instruct the students to trace or plot the points of their template onto the grid. After the students have their first tile on the grid, I check over their grids. If their design is accurately on the grid, I have them begin to tessellate their shape about the grid. If the design is not accurate, I help students make adjustments before tessellating their template.

Performance Task

35 minutes

Students continue to tessellate their shapes about the entire grid. When they finish their tessellation, I hand out the Transformational Geometry Performance Task Day 2 sheet. Students attach their tiles to the sheet and continue with the task. They are instructed to identify the rules needed to transform the pre-image to its image and include details, such as coordinates and equations of lines.


While the students are working, I circulate around the room and check on their progress. Students who finish their floor plan and installation rules can color in their design.


5 minutes

In the last 5 minutes of class, I call on volunteers to show their designs and explain the rules needed to transform the template.