Revisions and Final Drafts

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SWBAT - use peer comments to make revisions and turn in final draft

Big Idea

By reading other students' paper's students have had the opportunity to better understand the organizational structure of their own papers.


This lesson is part of a series of lessons about a literary essay on Hrothgar's advice to Beowulf.  This lesson focuses on revision and what is necessary for an acceptable final draft. 



35 minutes

 Students come to class prepared to revise their papers based on student comments.  I've also added comments to areas that I feel are in need of extra attention.  I want students to focus introducing ideas and using quotes to support their literary analysis. 

Some students aren't ready for final revisions and I make arrangements with them to finish their papers in a timely manner. 

Finally, I give students a final checklist to follow to make sure they have covered relevant spelling and grammar errors.