Fact Family Haunted Houses

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SWBAT solve addition and subtraction problems by using the relationship between 3 whole numbers.

Big Idea

Spooky, Spooky! Perfect time of year to excite them about a lesson by making a fact family haunted house. This lesson will assist in building fluency by practicing multiple problems and identifying relationships among numbers.

Rev Them Up

10 minutes

I have been using Starfall for years for my students to practice language and reading independently and during whole group activity times. The other day I stumbled upon a new section of Starfall that I did not know existed. Starfall has extended their lessons and activities into math and connected them to the Common core, Yahoo! I will be going here and opening up my SmartBoard for my students to warm their minds up on addition and subtraction. I will do 5 minutes of Addition within 10 and 5 minutes of Subtraction within 10.

Whole Group Interaction

10 minutes

I know that it is important for my students to build a connection between addition and subtraction facts.  I want them to see numbers move around and be manipulated in different ways using different operations. Using the different operations and practicing building problems through addition and subtraction builds fluency in solving problems. (1.OA.C.6).  

Fact families force students to attend to precision, use the structure of the relationship between addition and subtraction for each fact family (MP7), and work diligently for the correct answers.

Fact families are very hard work and I like how you can "kill several birds with one stone." This activity not only has our students working several problems, but also working on both addition and subtraction at the same time.  It helps them begin to see a pattern that one problem can help you solve another.

I will begin today's lesson with a discussion of how numbers are related. My analogy to my students will be how our family members are related.  I will ask them to name all the different relatives we can have, ex. grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Then I will share with them that numbers can be related also.

I will write a 3, 4, and 7 on the chalkboard and ask them if they know of a math problem I could make from these three numbers.  I will guide my students to provide me with the following answers:





Check the resource section for a video of my students helping me complete our first fact family.


Guided Practice

10 minutes

After we complete one together in the whole group interaction, I will pass out their Fact Family Work Mats.  We will use our dry erase markers to answer several fact family examples together.  Look at the resource section for videos of students creating subtraction, addition sentences, and a picture of a completed fact family. Mostly we will work on building a fact family by starting with 3 related numbers, but I also want to do a few problems where I will give them the 4 related problems and they have to tell me the 3 related numbers by looking at the problems, for example,

I will write: 




9-6=3 and I want them to be able to tell me the related numbers are 3, 6, 9.

Independent Practice

45 minutes

Students will create fact family haunted houses.  The house will consist of a triangle shaped roof and a rectangle structure.  The patterns in the resource section already have the fact family numbers printed on the triangles.  I will put examples on the Smart Board and chalkboard for students to refer to place their pieces together properly.  Look at the resource section for a picture of examples.

Copy the triangles on colored paper and supply them with construction paper rectangles to build their houses. The students will construct their house and decorate it with ghost and goblins.  Check out the resources for a video of a student constructing a house and pictures of a house being decorated. You can supply stickers, construction paper or die cut shapes for their decorations.

We will hang our haunted houses around the room where every student will have easy access to viewing it.  We will all have our worksheets from the resource section. We will carry these worksheets along a hard surface (like a clip board) to walk around and pick four different haunted houses, copy fact family numbers in the boxes and then create the 2 addition and 2 subtraction problem that go with those numbers. Check out the resource section for a video of a student beginning to solve his fact family and pictures of students in action and completed work.


5 minutes

To help them solidify their understanding, I will pair students up to share their fact families and check each other's work.