Reviewing Standard NS.3

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Students will be able to assess themselves by determining how well they performed on the different standards that were presented on the quiz.

Big Idea

I am a decimal master! Students learning to analyze their performance on assessments.

Curriculum Reinforcer

5 minutes
Today, my students will complete the following five problems to reinforce what they have already learned so far during this unit.
  • A giraffe can run up to 46.93 feet per second. How far could a giraffe run in 1.8 seconds? (Answer: 84.474 feet)
  • Zach bought two new jet skis for $15,480. He will make 36 equal payments. How much will each payment be? (Answer: $430)
  • A nutrition label indicates that one serving of apple crisp oatmeal has 2.5 grams of fat. How many grams of fat are there in 3.75 servings? (Answer: 9.375)
  • A submarine sandwich 1.5 feet long is cut into 0.25-foot pieces. How many pieces will there be? (Answer: 6 pieces)
  • A tour bus travels 2,160 miles in 36 hours. What is the average distance the bus travels in one hour? (Answer: 60 mi)

To continue today's lesson, I will use the Curriculum Reinforcer to determine the extent of my students knowledge of problem solving process. The students will be broken up into 5 groups of mixed level to allow for those who struggle to learn from those who excel in mathematics. Each group will be given one of the five problems from the curriculum reinforcement and a sheet of chart paper. Referring to their assigned problem and using the chart paper and markers, each group will solve their problem and write out in words, the process that they used in order to solve their problem.


Instruction & Teacher Modeling

10 minutes

During today's instructional piece, I will have each group come to the front of the class and present their problem. They will explain how they solved their problem step by step. They will read their written process to the class to be critiqued. At this time, the class will give feedback to the presenting group as to their level of success. They will convey whether or not there was more that the group could have written or if they feel that the group did an excellent job and nothing more was needed.

Once we finish with our review using the opening exercise, I will provide my students with instructions as to how to conduct themselves when working in stations. I will provide my students with rules and expectations as well as instructions for each station. Students will be grouped as indicated below and the students will be assigned roles to ensure that the work gets completed in a timely and productive manner.

  • Regular student groups will consist of 4 students
  • The groups will be homogeneous in nature to prevent struggling students from relying on advanced students and to prevent advanced students from taking over the group.
  • Those students in need of extra help will be grouped with a teacher. These groups may contain as many as 8 students.


Independent Exploration

20 minutes

Station Activities: Students will complete the activity that will be presented for each of the following stations.

  • Station 1: Sales, Sales, Sales… Oh My! (Calculating with Decimal Quantities – MCC6.NS.3) - At this station, the students will be given one word problem that requires quite a bit of thought. They will need to solve the problem and explain step by step how they solved the problem and justify why the way in which they solved the problem is the correct way.
  • Station 2: Solving Problems with Whole Number Division. (Dividing Fractions – MCC6.NS.2) - At this station, the students will need to create a real-world division word problem with at least three digits in the dividend and two digits in the divisor. They will also need to solve their problem and explain how they know their problem is a division problem. 
  • Station 3: Go to computers and work on the assigned GIZMO - At this station, the students will go to and complete one of the GIZMO lessons that I will assign to them that concerns these two standards. I will assign more than one so that if a student should finish an assignment quickly, they may complete a second assignment.
  • Station 4: Go to the writing center and complete one of the writing across the curriculum assignments for this unit - At this station, the students will go to the writing center that will always be present in the room. They will go to the Unit 1 folder that will contain all of the Writing Assignments for that unit and chose one that has either standard NS.2 or NS.3 at the top. They will then sit back down at their desk and complete that writing assignment.




Closing Summary

20 minutes

Using the document camera, I will select a group member for each of the problems presented in the stations. Those selected students will use the document camera to display their solutions. This will be done for stations 1 and 2. However, for station 3, there will be no presentation. And, for station 4, I will choose one student to present their writing piece. 

During the presentations, the students will be questioned and critiqued by their peers. Also, I will ask probing questions that will hopefully lead to a deeper understanding of the concepts presented by each student. 

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