US President Research Project Presentations

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SWBAT present their research projects on U.S. Presidents.

Big Idea

Students will dress up like and speak from the perspective of a First Lady or U.S. President they researched for their research project.


1 minutes


4 minutes

I began this lesson with an open discussion about what scholars learned as we studied the Office of President of the United States.  I allowed scholars to Think-Pair-Share and then share whole group.  I guided the discussion around topics such as requirements and responsibilities of the President, the branches of government and the system of checks and balances, political parties, and little known facts about U.S. Presidents.  I facilitated this discussion in order to bring student learning about the U.S. President full circle.


50 minutes

Scholars presented their research findings on various Presidents of the U.S.A.  They presented oral presentations, written reports, and technological presentations.  Some students dressed up like the President or first lady and spoke from their perspectives.  Please be sure to check out the attached resource of a student work sample on President Barack Obama.


5 minutes

Scholars did a quick journal entry about what they learned in this unit on the value of work and play. It is my sincere hope that my students learned the need for a sense of balance in their lives and gained the understanding that there is a time to work and there is a time to play.  We should not confuse the two.  We shared whole group.