Creating a Microsoft Photo Story video about a US President

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SWBAT learn to create a Microsoft Photo Story video for their research project on a U.S. President.

Big Idea

Students will learn to use the Microsoft Photo Story video creation program as an option for their research project on a U.S. President.


1 minutes


14 minutes

I began the lesson by playing a short Brainpop Video on the "Presidential Election."  (Click here to watch video.)  We took the quiz afterwards.  (Teacher reviews quiz whole group and students answer using sign language - a, b,, c, or d.)  Then, I reviewed the instructions on how to create a Microsoft Photo Story and I did a demonstration on the SmartBoard on how to use Microsoft Photo Story. (Click here for Microsoft PhotoStory instructions.)

Independent Practice

40 minutes

Scholars use this time to independently practice using Microsoft Photo Story to create their technology presentations for their So You Want to be President research projects.  I love to use the Microsoft PhotoStory program because it combines reading, writing, listening, and speaking into one technological application.  According to Common Core State Standards, students who are college and career ready demonstrate the full capacities of literate individuals as they master the Common Core State Standards.


5 minutes

To close this lesson, scholars imagine themselves meeting the U.S. President and asking one question.  We went around the room and shared questions.  Through this activity, my students gain an appreciation of a Common Core classroom with peers who have divergent experiences and perspectives.  Some of my scholars chose to inquire about the U.S. President's education, others asked about his family, still others asked about his hobbies and what he does in his "spare" time.  The discussion allowed my students to evaluate the points of views of their peers constructively.