Review for MidTerm

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Students will review key topics in Geometry curriculum including proofs with parallelograms and perpendicular bisectors.

Big Idea

Around the world time! Students will travel around the classroom to review and then present their review questions to each other for review!

Do Now

10 minutes

This Do Now reviews a critical topic in Geometry, finding the perpendicular bisectors of a line.  To complete these problems, students must persevere through multiple steps (MP1) and also make use of structure (MP7).  The steps to finding a perpendicular bisector for a line segment on the coordinate plane also review important topics like parallel and perpendicular lines as well as midpoint and writing equations of a line. 

Teachers may also want to take this time to review how to construct a perpendicular bisector when given a line segment using a compass and straightedge. 

Around the World Activity - stations

50 minutes

Homework - Problem Set Review with Review Sheets

20 minutes

With the remaining time, students can work on this set of Midterm Review problems, which include summary sheets with key facts, definitions and theorems for each unit.  Students can start the review in class and then finish the rest for homework.  I would suggest going over the review in-class if possible but I also usually post an answer sheet for students on our course website.

Typically, I hold a review session for my students between our class and the midterm where we specifically focus on questions for this unit.  If you have time, in your curriculum, it may be worthwhile to spend an entire class allowing students to work on the review and then going over student-generated questions.  Also, depending on how you teach the Geometry course, you may need to adjust the content included in this review packet.