Tangerine Times, Pt II: Producing the Paper

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SWBAT use technology and creativity to produce a newspaper based on events in the novel, Tangerine.

Big Idea

The publication stage of the writing process provides opportunities to promote real world skills.

Latin Roots: Warm Up

10 minutes

This is our daily warm up, wherein students work with two or three Latin roots per day.  The resource that I use to get my roots is Perfection Learning's Everyday Words from Classic Origins.
Every day, when the students arrive, I have two Latin roots on the SmartBoard.  Their job is to generate as many words as they can that contain the roots, and they try to guess what the root means.  After I give them about five minutes, we share words and I tell them what the root means.

The students compile these daily activities in their class journals.  After every twelve roots, they take a test on the roots themselves and a set of words that contains them.

Work Session: Computer Lab --> Newspaper Production

30 minutes

Yesterday, the students got started on developing newspaper articles for a Tangerine newspaper.

Today, the kids marched into class, armed with their drafts of their Tangerine articles.  After our daily warm up, I explained the activity, using a yardstick and a piece of newspaper.

The students were directed to have a brief meeting with their editorial team.  During that meeting, they were to decide how they were going to use the space on the newspaper sheet to "lay out" their newspaper.  In other words, they had to fill the space without going over.  Since each team had five or six members and a sheet of newspaper is roughly the same size as six pieces of 8.5 by 11 paper, they could decide how they wanted to use the space.  

Students were required to have a masthead, complete with date.  And every article had to have a headline and a byline.  We talked about how the sample paper used the space, and the kids pointed out how many graphics were on the page AND that the article fonts were different sizes.

Once the students had a brief meeting, they went to work typing their articles and designing their graphics and advertisements.  

Tomorrow, we will have ten minutes allotted for "pasting down" and then we will put the papers up to display them.