Poetry Writing - Writer's Choice

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SWBAT use the knowledge gained in this unit to create a poem of their choice from the poem types learned about in this unit.

Big Idea

We are wrapping up our poetry unit and composing our final poem for our publishing project. We will be publishing poetry in a hardbound book from studentreasures.com.


Lesson Opener

20 minutes

We have been writing poetry for a couple weeks now.  This is our final poem we will be creating for our hardbound book project.  We are working with a company called studentreasures.com. The kits are free if enough teachers from your school participate.  We have been working with them for about 5 years now and LOVE IT!!  They are a ton of work, but well worth it in the end! 

To start our lesson out today, we are going to use the "Instant Poetry HD" app on our iPads. This is a fun app where the students arrange word tiles to make a poem.  Students will be working in partners. (We don't have enough iPads for each student.  If you are lucky enough to have them for each student, I would suggest having each student work individually on this project.)  



Writer's Choice - Poetry Writing

20 minutes

Today is a free choice day.  We have talked about nine different types of poetry.  The students can choose which type of poem they would like to do their tenth poem on.  I will encourage them to read through their poetry packets to refresh their memories on the different types of poetry. I will also encourage them to really take their time and do their best work, as this will be the last poem in their hardbound books.


Lesson Closer

20 minutes

To wrap up our lesson, I will allow students who would like to share their poems to do just that. We have a castle theme in my classroom this year, so when I have the students share their writing they share from our royal reader thrown.  It gets kids excited about sharing their work. Today, I will encourage all the students to share their work since this is the last poetry writing day.