A Haiku for Me and for You!

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SWBAT read, understand, and create a Haiku

Big Idea

We are writing poetry to take all the way to the publishing stage of writing. Today we are writing Haiku poems.


Lesson Opener

20 minutes

Today we are going to integrate the arts into out poetry lesson.  I have a passion for the arts and wish with my whole heart that there were more time for and focus on the arts in school.

We will start our lesson by listening to music clips from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons."   I will play clips of each of the four seasons.  During each clip, I will instruct the students to listen and write words that come to their minds.  They will use a separate piece of paper for each clip.  Any word that comes to mind: adjective, noun, verb, doesn't matter, write it down.  :)  We have talked over the last few days about how poetry is like painting a picture with words.  When we choose descriptive words, our poetry comes alive for the reader.  Just as a painter has to carefully choose the placement of each brushstroke, or a composer has to carefully choose each note or chord that portrays the emotion he is trying to convey.

We will be using these word brainstorms for the creation for inspiration in the creation of our Haiku poems today.

Group Project

20 minutes

Today we will work on the Haiku poem section of their Pocket Poetry Guides.  We will read through the description page on Haiku poems and also the steps on creating Haiku poems.  We will then work together as a class to create a Haiku poem together.  This will help them understand the steps to creating a Haiku so that they can create a Haiku poem on their own.

Individual Project

20 minutes

For the independent project, I will have the kids use their brainstorming pages that they compiled while listening to Vivaldi's "Four Seasons."  They will use these sheets as a springboard for writing their haiku poetry. I will challenge each of the students to write at least one haiku on something to do with nature. Then they can write a haiku of their choosing. It can be about nature or any other topic of their choosing.

Art Extension

20 minutes

As the art extension, I will have the kids listen to Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" once again. This time while they are listening to the music they will get to paint a picture of their haiku poem. We will display their haiku poems and paintings out in the hall.