How to be Machiavellian and Other Useful Techniques for Taking Over the World: Stage a Take Over of Horizon High School

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SWBAT apply their analysis of Machiavelli's purpose and main ideas by creating a plan for taking over the school.

Big Idea

What better way to test the students' understanding of Machiavelli's principles than allowing them to stage a coup?

SSR and Reflection

15 minutes

After the students have their ten minutes of reading time, I will ask them to complete this reflection to check in on their progress.

Their first reflection asked them to give a very general overview of their goals, so for this reflection,  I will to ask them to do a little more literary response, specifically asking them about characters in their novels.

You'll also notice that my class period seems longer today--that's because I am trading time with my social studies partner so that the students have enough time to finish this reflection AND their discussions today.

Charge to Machiavellian Leaders

5 minutes

To start today's class, my teaching partner and I have to be in character. I will charge the class with the very important task of taking over the school. My teaching partner and I will walk them through the specific, requirements of the assignment to make sure everyone is on the same page with the rules for this game and to make sure that they understand that Jim and I are the true rulers of this kingdom of WSP, so they ultimately want to make sure they are pleasing us in their process. Additionally, we will remind them that this activity is meant to be a way for us to assess their reading and understanding of Machiavelli, so they need to make sure they are using the text as a resource at all times (RI.9-10.1).

Given the nature of this activity, I will not group the students, but will instead allow them to chose their teams. I find that activities like this require them to have some level of comfort with the peers they work with so that they can be creative and have fun, which is a tricky way to help them apply their knowledge in a way that will stick.

I will make sure that students know that I will be assessing them on their ability to collaborate effectively (SL.9-10.1b and SL.9-10.1d) as well as on their final, written plans.  

Group Work Time: Charge? Take over the school

30 minutes

After we review the requirements and let them get settled in their groups, we will allow them 30 minutes to work on their plans of attack (SL.9-10.1).

I will circulate the room to answer any questions (W.9-10.10) and to make sure they are all on task. Whenever students choose their own groups, we run the risk of organized chaos in the room, so it is doubly important for them to see us engaging with what they are doing. It helps to ensure they are also engaged.

Share Out of Machiavellian Plans

15 minutes

Depending on how fast they produce their plans, we will spend the last few minutes of class allowing students to share their ideas with the whole class. If we run out of time, we will try to build some time in to class tomorrow to do this as it is always a fun way to wrap up this activity...and a good way to see which of your students is most diabolical =).