Ferris Wheel Unit Review

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SWBAT assess their strengths and weaknesses related to the content of this unit and to reflect on their application of the Practice Standards throughout this unit.

Big Idea

A thorough, leveled review of the key skills of this unit provides students with the opportunity to assess their understanding and make a work plan based on this self-assessment.

Multiple Representations

40 minutes

The big idea of the Ferris Wheel Multiple Representations task is to ask students to look at the same problem in different ways and to make connections between all aspects of the problem that they have been studying. The idea is for students to find out all 4 key pieces of information about each Ferris wheel using each of the representations given. I tell students that this task will give them a chance to think about the big picture and to make as many connections as possible—if they understand this task, they will have a good understanding of the whole learning target.

As they work, I ask my students to make a graphic organizer of some kind that shows how to find the key information in each representation. There are rich opportunities here for precise mathematical communication (MP6) by asking them to make clear how they are finding their answers. It may help to provide them with some key vocabulary:

  • Amplitude
  • Center line
  • Frequency
  • Period
  • Horizontal shift
  • Vertical shift

As they attempt to explain their answers and their process, I circulate to help them figure out how to use these words to explain the connections they are making. Depending upon how the activity transpires, I may ask a few students to share their organizers/webs or to explain their connections to other groups of students or to the whole class. 

Ferris Wheel Big Ideas

20 minutes