Review of Properties of Math

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SWBAT review the 7 properties of math.

Big Idea

Students will create a properties foldable as a study tool.

Do Now

8 minutes

Students will be given the below problems to work on in the beginning of class.  Since all of the problems have parentheses, students tend to assume that they are the associative property.  I urge them to look carefully at each equation and ask the question, "What's changing from the left to the right side of the equation?"


Identify the property for each equation.

1-   (12 + 9) + 91 = 12 + (9 + 91)

2-   50 x  (2 x 37) = (50 x 2) x 37

3-   8 x (10 + 2) = (8 x 10) + (8 x 2)

4-   6 x (4 x 1) = 6 x (1 x 4)

Mini Lesson

35 minutes

I will explain to students that they will create a Foldable to use as a study guide for the properties of math that we've learned.  The Foldable activity is based on Dinah Zike's "Teaching Mathematics with Foldables".

Be sure that each student has a piece of white copy paper and scissors.  My students are arranged in groups of 4.  Give each group a set of markers or colored pencils.  See Group Supply Bin Video.

I will demonstrate and talk students through the steps of making the foldable.  Folding into Fifths Foldable Directions.docx

Be sure that students are able to see how you fold and cut the paper as you talk.

Once students have completed the folding and cutting, they are ready to begin the writing.  I will explain to students that the outside of each tab should display the name of the property.  There are 5 tabs:

1.  Commutative Property

2.  Associative Property

3.  Distributive Property

4.  Identity Property of Addition and Identity Property of Multiplication

5.  Inverse Property of Addition and Inverse Property of Multiplication

The inside of each tab should display a definition in their own words or key word and an example.

I will explain to students that this is a study guide for them so it is to their benefit to  make sure their definitions are accurate, their examples are helpful, and their foldable is colorful.  Students will glue their foldables in their notebooks for easy access in the future.

Lesson Review

5 minutes

I will remind students of an upcoming quiz on the Properties of Math.  I've found that students don't know how to study.  I will explain how their foldable is a summary of the properties and is a great study guide for when they're at home.