And This Book Was Just Right...Using the Story of the Three Bears to Pick Out Books

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SWBAT select books for their book boxes based on what is "just right" for them. Student Objective: I can pick "just right books" for my book box.

Big Idea

Choosing books that are "just right" help children develop into stronger readers.


5 minutes

Children come join me at the rug.  I am going to do a little pretending.  I have my shopping basket, and I am going to get some food for my family.  I walk over to the shelf of our house area and there are The three cereal boxes.  One box is for an individual serving, one box is a standard sized box, the other box is a carton of cereal.  There are three people at my house, and I need to choose which box of cereal would be best for my family. I want to know why you think one box is a better fit than the others.  If I choose this individual package, do you think it would be enough for the three of us?  What about this case of enough or too much?  I think that the middle-sized box is the right choice, too.  When we choose items, we have to figure out what fits best.  It is the same thing when we choose books.



20 minutes

If reading based on interest is motivational, we must teach students how to pick books strategically. When students learn how to pick the “best fit,” they view reading as sophisticated and informative, and the process of what they choose to read becomes significant.

Now I have a story that I want to share with you.  It is all about the best fit.  The story is a traditional version of The Three Bears.  Listen carefully as I read and then we will talk about it after I am through reading.  In the story, the bears' porridge is too hot and so the family goes for a walk.  Entering the scene comes Goldilocks, and the sitting on chairs, eating porridge and finding a comfortable bed comes into play.  Each item has its own attributes which Goldilocks finds either, too soft, too hard, too cold, too hot or just right.  Let's discuss why Goldilocks felt the way she did. Picking out "just right, best-fit" books is just like Goldilocks finding out what best suited her. Here are some ideas for picking Just Right Books. Sometimes you have to "shop around" for the right items.You will begin "shopping" for books to fit your needs. You can choose up to five books to put into your book boxes to be read during "Read-to-Self" time.  Before I send you to get your books, let's take one more quick look at our Read-to-Self chart, to help you remember what our rules are for this time. Now you and Goldilocks know how to pick best-fit books. Goldilocks I-Pick


5 minutes

Children will be monitored to see if the book choices that they make are the best fit for them.  The teacher should assist during the first few "shopping trips" for children who struggle with making choices. Often the children will want to pick books that are not best-fits for them.  It is okay to let them put an occasional book like this into their book boxes.  It gives them an opportunity to compare this book to their best-fit books and sometimes the child just wants to look at pictures. Book Box talk