Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

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SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge of absolute value functions and apply this understanding to absolute value equations and inequalities.

Big Idea

Put it all together -- students use a lot of strategies and make a lot of connections to hopefully demonstrate their mastery of the skills and ideas of this unit.


30 minutes

Today's lesson offers a chance for students to review the unit content before tomorrow's quiz. I find that students are generally pretty focused on this day. I don't have to work too hard to facilitate. I just circulate and ask lots of probing questions as students work on the Absolute Value Practice Quiz.

If things get off course, some options I might pursue include: 

  • Giving students 30 minutes to work with their chosen team/table and then partnering them with some one whom they have not been working with to compare their work. I find that even this simple transition can be reinvigorating, provoking fruitful conversations with the new partner.
  • Asking students to choose two key areas to work on that are challenging and having students write their questions before getting started. Giving students the opportunity to answer their own questions is often powerful. (It can be hard for them to write their questions, so another way to do this is to circulate and ask them to tell you one question they have--that you don't answer--and then seeing if they can use their resources to answer the question during the workshop.)
  • Assign each person one or two problems to become the "class expert" on and giving them 10-15 minutes to work. Then, I list class experts on the board and let people walk around the room to ask the experts for help with the problems they don't understand. This makes the "Experts" feel more accountable to a higher level of understanding, and it often gets people to use more academic vocabulary because they have to really talk to each other about what they are doing.

This workshop can take the entire class period.


5 minutes