Love It So Much, We Could Eat It!

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SWBAT share a portrait of themselves "eating" the object or hobby they truly love.

Big Idea

Following the example of the text, students think about an object or activity they love so much they could "eat" it up. Then students share their objects or hobbies with the class.

Setting a Purpose

Jeffers, O. (2007). The incredible book eating boy. New York, NY: Philomel Books.

I love this book! First of all, I adore the illustrations. I could read this book over and over again just to look at them! But I also love the idea of a kid loving books so much that he begins eating them and becomes smarter! I use this book to talk about falling in love with reading. I always have a group of kids who love to read, but also have that group of kids who claim to hate reading already. I use this as a silly way to find out what interests all of my kids, but those “reading haters” especially!




30 minutes

After reading the book out loud, I start a discussion about the hobbies or topics kids really enjoy: those things that they would “eat up” if they could. I tell them that they are going to make a picture of themselves being an incredible “blank” eating boy or girl. They fill in the blank with something they really love. So for example, if a student loves basketball, she would write “The Incredible Basketball Eating Girl”.  They draw themselves (or mainly their heads) on a page with their mouths open wide. Then they think of everything related to that topic that they love: being part of a team, the uniform, the fans, the ball, etc. They draw these (or find images from magazines and glue them) going into their mouth.


I created this activity using graphics from Kevin and Amanda’s Fonts and Teaching in a Small Town.



10 minutes

After most students have finished, I ask everyone to return to the meeting area to share. I have them share their pictures, explain them, and look for connections between their portraits and others in the room. For the kids, I post these in the room or in the hall as a way for students to earn about each other’s interests. For me, I make a note of students’ interests and use the list to stock my room with books that would interest that group of students.