Practice Three Identifying Claim and Evidence, Day One of Two

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Students will be able to identify claim and evidence in a grade-level text by analyzing Paine's "Common Sense" excerpts.

Big Idea

Paine's development of government: democracy is the natural order of progression.

Identifying Claim and Evidence Practice

40 minutes

It's time to practice identifying and analyzing claim and evidence again, but I'm not in class! What's a teacher to do?

Use technology, of course. I need to give my students feedback on their last analysis, so I create a video with common trends and examples from their own work. I ask my guest teacher to show the video at the start of the hour, giving students their individual written feedback and my verbal feedback for optimum growth.

Since this is our third practice, I want to see what students can do individually. I ask them to read the last three paragraphs in the "Common Sense" excerpt I have pulled, offering context to help them connect to what they already know about the text. Then I ask them to analyze the paragraphs on their own, finding central ideas, textual support, and connections between it all.

My guest teacher will collect the work at the end of the hour, and I will assess to see if all students are "getting it" on their own. If yes, fantastic! We're ready to move on. If not, we'll practice more next week. This is the true nature of formative assessment--it forms the instruction I offer my students.