Flipping For Mountains

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SWBAT put together a flip book to show their understanding of types of mountains and how they are formed.

Big Idea

Being able to process and present information from a technical text is an important skill.


10 minutes

Today, students are going to use their note taking chart, the text itself and any research they did on their own to put together a flip book about types of mountains and how they are formed. We begin the lesson by creating the rubric and the flip book shell.

The flip book for this lesson involves three sheets of copy paper and the directions from here.

When making the flip book, I do it step by step with the students modeling as I go.  I also move around the room at different stages so I can see if everyone is on the same page as me.  

See the video here for directions on how to make a flip book.


60 minutes

This part of the lesson finds me in my favorite position- facilitator.  I love it when my students are working independently and no one really "needs" me.  

The one thing I do have to monitor here is the computer usage.  I only have 3 classroom computers so I can't have one or two kids monopolizing the entire time looking for pictures.  If it seems that someone doesn't know how to find or print pictures, I just encourage them to draw their pictures.  We will get to those lessons later on in the year.

I just walk the room facilitating while my students are happily writing, drawing, collaborating, researching- all that good stuff!!

A note:  A 4 on a rubric in my district is above grade level work.  A 3 on a rubric in my district is at grade level, a 2 is progressing toward grade level and a 1 is below grade level.  I wanted to include that in case your rubrics grade on a different scale.  


10 minutes

Toward the end of class, I begin having the students wrap up.  I give them a countdown of sorts to help them manage their time or else they would spend FOREVER on their books.  My students love projects like this.  Anyway, toward the end, I begin to wrap up their projects.  I put some students in charge of clean up and some students in charge of collecting books and rubrics.  

It is super important at this point that all students put their names on their rubrics and on the cover of their books.  I instruct them to put the rubric INSIDE of their book to keep everything together and easier for me to grade.  This will be their summative assessment over the story book Mountains.

I do let a few people share because they can't stand it they want to share so badly!!  And then I ask what they liked about the project and what they would like to do next time we have a project.