Quiet on the Set: Experts Presenting

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SWBAT present information from a text in a way that other students can learn from and understand

Big Idea

It is important for students to develop a comfort level with speaking in front of a group.

Waiting in the Green Room

10 minutes

When the students enter the room, I give them a quick five minutes to gather their thoughts and prepare their materials.

We review the rubric so everyone knows what they will be graded on and then we go over the notetaking form.  I tell the students that they are responsible for learning the information from their classmates.  They will use the information to complete a project to show what they've learned.

A note:  A 4 on a rubric in my district is above grade level work.  A 3 on a rubric in my district is at grade level, a 2 is progressing toward grade level and a 1 is below grade level. I wanted to include that in case your rubrics grade on a different scale.  


60 minutes

I pass out the note taking forms and explain them and then it's time to set the order for presentations.  I ask for volunteers to go first and of course there are always a few then I let the volunteers choose the order that the non volunteers will present in.

When the students go up to present, I collect their rubrics and grade them as they go.  That's the beauty of using rubrics!!  The rest of the students are taking notes while the presentations are going on.

Thank You and Good Night

10 minutes

After each group has presented and has been duely appreciated, I let the students use the books to add any last minute important information to their charts.  

I tell the students that they are allowed to take their charts home if they want to do any research on any of the mountain types or to find computer pictures of any of the mountain chains mentioned in the book.  They will use all the information they've learned in the last couple of days in class along with what they find at home to make a mountain resource book.