Constructed Response Assessment on The Horned Toad Prince

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SWBAT construct written responses to text-based questions about The Horned Toad Prince.

Big Idea

Students will construct written responses to writing prompts about The Horned Toad Prince.


1 minutes

Lesson Starter

9 minutes

As we come to a close on our lessons about The Horned Toad Prince, I ask scholars to complete a quick write on what they learned from reading "The Horned Toad Prince."  Most of them stated, "to always keep your promises."  I asked them to think about promises they had made and did not keep and what happened as a result.  I also asked them did they think the author was effective in conveying her message and if they could ask her one question, what would it be.


50 minutes

Scholars constructed responses to text-based questions about "The Horned Toad Prince."  In times past, writing in K-12 required students to draw from their own personal knowledge and experiences.  Because this kind of writing alone will not adequately prepare students for the demands of college, career, and life, Common Core State Standards help students make a paradigm shift to focus on providing textual evidence which requires them to read carefully in order to grasp key ideas, details, and information.