Telling a story through Kerpoof about the uniqueness of the USA as a Unit Assessment

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SWBAT choose 1 of 3 writing prompts to use to write the dialogue of a Kerpoof story that tells about the uniqueness of the USA.

Big Idea

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the uniqueness of the USA by writing the dialogue of an original Kerpoof story.


1 minutes


9 minutes

As the performance based culminating writing assessment for this unit, in this lesson, scholars created the dialogue to be used in their Kerpoof stories around the theme "This Land is Our Land."  I gave scholars a choice of 3 different scenarios (see attached instructions) to use to write a narrative using the online Kerpoof program.  This is the first of two lessons relative to this assignment.  Writing narratives promote creativity and allows students to create original stories from their own imaginations.

Collaborative Partner Work

45 minutes

Scholars used the dialogue worksheet to sketch out the dialogue of an original narrative they created with a partner around the theme "This Land is Our Land."  I selected a narrative writing assignment because students are familiar with writing narratives from 3rd grade.  I remind them to identify who their characters will be and their purpose, as well as a problem or conflict to be resolved over the course of the story.


5 minutes

Scholars shared whole group which narrative scenario topic choice they selected and why, without giving too many details of their narrative away.  Be sure to follow this lesson with the next lesson titled, "Creating a Kerpoof story about the uniqueness of the USA as a Unit Assessment," in which students will actually type their narrative into the computer-based program Kerpoof.