Unit Test on Sentence Structure

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SWBAT pass a unit test on sentence structure in standardized test format.

Big Idea

Students will demonstrate their understanding of unit concepts relative to sentence structure through taking and passing a unit test in standardized test format.


1 minutes

Unit Review

19 minutes

This concludes our unit on sentence structure.  To just do a brief recap of what we learned, I had scholars to just tell me what they learned about each of the lesson topics as I displayed the lesson topics on the SmartBoard via a Powerpoint presentation (see attached resource): Kinds of Sentences, Sentence Fragments, Strengthening Sentences, Compound Sentences, Run-On Sentences, Simple Subject and Simple Predicate, Complete Subject and Complete Predicate, Direct Object, and Prepositional Phrases.

Unit Test

35 minutes

For the unit test on sentence structure, I used the sentence structure unit assessment in the Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics (G.U.M.) workbook by Zaner-Bloser.  I like this assessment because it is in standardized test format.  Prior to giving the test, I reviewed a few test-taking strategies with my scholars (i.e., reading the question carefully, eliminating 2 answers they know are incorrect, and underlining key words).


5 minutes

To close this unit on sentence structure, I had students do a quick write to answer the following questions:  What did you learn about sentence structure?  With what did you struggle?  What will you do differently in the future? I have found that continually assessing students and having them to complete reflections aids students in taking ownership of their own learning.  This particular assessment is comprehensive and cumulative.  It is also systematic and diagnostic in that the results of the assessment will be used to guide re-teaching instruction.