Locating Prepositional Phrases

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SWBAT locate prepositional phrases while playing a Jeopardy-inspired game.

Big Idea

Students will locate prepositional phrases as they play a Jeopardy-inspired game.


1 minutes


9 minutes

I began the lesson by explaining to scholars that a prepositional phrase is a group of words that tells how, when, what, how much, or where about something in a sentence.  A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition.  A preposition is a word that connects nouns or pronouns to other words in a sentence.  Some common prepositions are "of, in, on, to, around, beneath, under, over, and from."  The object of the preposition completes the prepositional phrase. Given the example - The shoes are in the closet.  The prepositional phrase is "in the closet."  The preposition is "in" and the object of the preposition answer the question "in what?" - the closet.

We watched a short Brainpop video on prepositional phrases and took the graded quiz as a whole class afterwards.  (Click here to watch video.)  (Teacher asks students to respond to the quiz questions by showing sign language a, b, c, or d or writing their answers on personal dry erase boards.  I have found this to be an effective, quick check for understanding for each individual scholar.)

As a whole group, I get a few scholars to told me sentences with prepositional phrases which I wrote on the board.  We identified the prepositional phrases, circled the preposition, and underlined the object of the preposition.  (By helping students to not only identify the prepositional phrase, but also identify the preposition and object of the preposition, they get a very thorough understanding of this lesson on prepositional phrases.)


45 minutes

I divided students into 2 teams and they played a Jeopardy-inspired game in which they identified prepositional phrases and the object of the prepositions. This Jeopardy-inspired game is a fun and engaging way for students to practice identifying prepositional phrases. It scaffolds learning by allowing them to exercise the lower level Bloom's Taxonomy skill of identifying before they move into a higher level Bloom's Taxonomy skill of creating in the lesson closure. (Click here to play game.) 


5 minutes

To close the lesson, scholars take a Prepositional Phrase Challenge - listing as many prepositional phrases as they can, circling the preposition, and underlining the object of the preposition in 3 minutes (see attached resource to distribute to students).  The scholar with the most correct when sharing whole group is the winner and receives a treat!