What is Poetry?

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SWBAT understand that poetry has many different form and types.

Big Idea

We will introduce the students to many different forms and types of poetry and get them excited about writing their own poems!


Lesson Opener

15 minutes

To begin the lesson today I will recite a poem that I memorized when I was in second grade. I have searched unsuccessfully trying to find the author of the poem. It seems that this poem is a folklore poem that has been passed down through many generations. I did find it on this website that tells a little more about the poem.


It's a fun little poem with a bunch of impossibilities. After telling the kids the poem, we will discuss the impossibilities in the poem and why the author, whomever that is, chose to use impossibilities in this poem.


30 minutes

For the today, we will go through the PowerPoint that is included in the resources. In the PowerPoint I will introduce the students to the different types of poetry that we will be learning about and writing about four this unit. After we have gone through the PowerPoint and discussed the different types of poetry, I will have the students working groups to sort poems and identify their types. I will leave up the last slide on the slideshow so that the students can come up to the Smartboard and click on the poetry videos if they need to hear the description again.

Lesson Closer

10 minutes

To wrap up the lesson today, I will let the students use iFunFace, which is the iPad app I used to make the videos for the PowerPoint, to make their own video of a description of one of the  types of poetry we've talked about today. After the kids have made their videos, I will compile the videos into a PowerPoint and will share them tomorrow.