We Are Going to be Published Authors!!!

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SWBAT understand the writing process as we begin a unit that will take them through that entire process.

Big Idea

We are going to get the kids excited about becoming published authors. We are going to create hardbound books in this unit!


Lesson Opener

10 minutes

This unit we are starting is a unit on poetry. The students will not only learn about poetry and read different forms of poetry, but they will write their own poetry as well. We will take their work through each stage of writing and even publish their poetry. We have found a company that we have been working with for about six years now that sends us kits and publishes the kids work. The company is called Studentreasures at studentreasures.com.  The company sends a free hardbound book for each student for a classroom library and gives the children and parents the opportunity to purchase additional copies if they wish to. It is a lot of work to go through the entire writing process with the children and to complete the book kits, but it is so worth the reward.

To start this lesson out I will show the student samples of hardbound books from previous years. This is the first year that we as a fourth grade has chosen to focus on poetry for our hardbound books. Therefore, I will not have an example of a poetry book to show them. I will read through a few of the stories the children have written in past years.

Class project

30 minutes

Our local newspaper, the Deseret News, sends us their education sections that they publish each week. I will pass out the newspapers and asked the kids to choose an article to read together with a partner.  I will then ask them to think about the process the articles in this publication went through to be published. Together as a class we will brainstorm and breakdown the writing process. I will let the students take the lead in the discussion while still making sure that they touch on each part of the writing process.


Rough Draft




This website has a great breakdown of the steps to writing.  http://lewis.cpsb.org/faculty_pages/stacey.blanchard/THE%20FIVE%20STEPS%20OF%20THE%20WRITING%20PROCESS.htm

They use different names for the steps than I do, but the same basic idea and they have a great description of each step.

Lesson Closer

10 minutes

To wrap up the lesson, I will show the following YouTube video on the writing process.


 I will show it one time through for them to see, and then we will watch it a few more times and sing along.  It is a fun, catchy little song that goes through the steps of the wringing process.  

I will also do my best to get the kids excited about this unit and becoming published authors.