Polynomial and Rational Functions: Unit Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate knowledge of polynomial and rational functions.

Big Idea

Assess students' understanding of polynomial and rational functions.

Unit Assessment

55 minutes

In this document are a few sample problems that you could use for the unit assessment on polynomial and rational functions. Like the first assessment, I want to have a balance of procedural and conceptual questions. I also think it is really important for students to explain their thinking - writing about math is such an important skill. Many students will go into fields where they have to write clearly and concisely about complicated topics, so this is good practice for them.

In the video below I talk about question #7 and why I want them to use the graph to solve the inequality x^2 - x - 6 < 0. There are important implications to calculus and the it is good to start thinking about those types of topics. 

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