Unit Review Game: Pictionary

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SWBAT use polynomial and rational functions to review for the unit assessment.

Big Idea

Use a review game to prepare students for the unit assessment.

Check Review Assignment

25 minutes

Usually when we are going over a test review I will put the answers on the document camera and give students about ten minutes to go over their assignment. They will check their answers and talk to their table about any discrepancies they have with their own work. This is a very collaborative and they are constantly talking about the math for each problem.

After that time, get the class back together as a whole group and ask them if there are any questions that they have about the test review. Usually if students are still stuck on a problem, it is something that their table group is also unsure about, so there are probably many students in the class who have the same problem.

Review Game: Pictionary

25 minutes

We are going to play Pictionary to help review for tomorrow's exam. This PowerPoint can be used for questions to help them review. The rules of the game are outlined in the video below. There is also a word list that I use for students - they will randomly select a word and then have 30 seconds to get their team to guess it. You can certainly add or delete words for your class. 

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