Rational Functions and Inequalities Formative Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate knowledge of rational functions and nonlinear inequalities.

Big Idea

Use a Quick Quiz to see if students understand rational functions and inequalities.

Quick Quiz

25 minutes

This Quick Quiz hits on the important points of the rational function and inequality portion of this unit. This formative assessment will tell students if they are ready for the unit assessment; it will also give you a good idea of how well they understand rational functions and nonlinear inequalities.

In the video below, I talk about the need to monitor the nonlinear inequalities - it can be a really tough concept for students.

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Unit Review Workshop

25 minutes

The attached review worksheet will help to prepare students for the unit assessment. Remember, in this unit we have covered quadratic functions, polynomial functions, complex roots, rational functions, asymptotes, and nonlinear inequalities - it has been quite a bit of material!

Before students begin, tell them to glance through the review and start on the concept that looks most challenging to them. While students are working on their review, go around and gauge their progress while they are working. You will probably notice general trends of what students think is challenging and you can address those as a class tomorrow.