Orange Day!

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Students will identify the color orange.

Big Idea

Students will get creative with the color orange!


10 minutes

At the beginning of the school year, I incorporate a color unit into my math block. Please see my reflection, where I discuss the reasoning for this unit and how it all ties in.

***Prior to reviewing colors, I send home a COLOR Week Calendar. Students are directed to wear a specific color of the day.

1. I gather my students onto the carpet, where we count how many of us have worn orange today. Sometimes children will become upset if for some reason they do not have the color of the day on. I keep stickers handy for these situations, and would place an orange sticker on these children.

2. On chart paper we create a list of orange items together. For example: oranges & pumpkins.


Shared Reading

15 minutes

1. While children are still gathered on the carpet, I ask children if they know what our previous days colors (red & yellow) make together. A couple of children are usually able to guess ORANGE!

2. I then proceed to read The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Manus Pinkwater . As the neighborhood starts to change in the story, I read with a lot of emotion. After the reading, this is a good time to discuss that being different is a good thing! If all people were alike that would be boring!

3. Sometimes it is also fun to listen to this story online. At some point later in the day, when my students need a few minutes of down time, I will play the online version. This particular story has children with accents reading-the kids really enjoy this! If you are fortunate enough to have a smart board use this link for an online read aloud:

There is an ad that you will need to skip over, I make sure I do this prior to the lesson and just pause at my starting point.

Independent Work

15 minutes

Students will go back to their tables and color their own orange splot house. You will notice the assignment will ask the children to color one cloud red and one cloud yellow (previously reviewed colors). Students are then directed to make an "orange splot house" using their dreams and imagination as they design their very own house.

This is a quick informal assessment for me to see which children recognize the color orange , and previously reviewed colors; red & yellow. In the center of each table are buckets with multiple colors of crayons. I move around the room, and observe children picking out crayons as they color. If I notice a student making the wrong color choice, I stop and assist. This also allows me to see who can follow a simple set of directions, and observe fine motor skills (crayon grip, coloring within the lines).


5 minutes

To conclude our lesson, I play the orange song below. This makes a connection to what we have learned/reviewed today.