Pictures Can Tell the Story

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SWBAT develop independent reading skills by using the illustrations. Student objective: I can read and retell a story by looking at the pictures.

Big Idea

There are different ways to read a book.


5 minutes

This lesson revisits the idea that young children can read a book by looking at the pictures. 

Who remembers this book, No, David! by David Shannon?  

As I turn the pages, I will ask students to tell us about what we see in the book. 

I like how some of you are reading, "No, David", and some of you are telling us what is happening on the page.  So, how do you know what this story is about?  

Comments led us to the idea that pictures told us what was happening in the story.


15 minutes

Readers retell to remember the important events and characters in books.  They think about what happens first, next and last.  When children are able to retell the story, they begin to make sense of reading.  

Do you know three ways that we can read books?  Yes, we can look at the pictures. What is another way?  "We can read the words!" "I can't read."  Remember, you can read your name and that is a word.  "My mom reads to me at bedtime."  That is another way that you can read a story. 

I have a set of pictures that are for retelling the story, No, David!.  As we looked through the story again, some students will put the pictures from No, David! in order on the chalk ledge. 

Do you think this is a way that you can tell a story? The children thought it was. Then, I pulled out my Big number three that I had cut out from butcher paper, and taped it to the board. See my giant number three? Tell me again Three ways I can read, and then I will write those ideas down: Read the Pictures; Retell the Story; Read the Words.  This three will be hung up in our classroom library to remind us of the three ways that we can read.


10 minutes

As children chose books to read to themselves, I asked them to think about the three ways we read to ourselves and for them to try to remember these as they Read a book.  I would be watching for the strategies that we just discussed.