Place Value Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their progression of mastery to 4.NBT.1, 4.NBT.2, 4.NBT.3, 4.NBT4, and 4.OA.3

Big Idea

Students complete an independent summative assessment covering place value concepts.

Warm Up

5 minutes

We recite this poem before all math tests.

Yippee Skippy

Today's the test!

I have worked hard and got lots of rest.

Now's the time to do my BEST!

Yippee Skippy today's the text!

Concept Development

40 minutes

Students complete the place value assessment.  I talked with students about number 3a before they started the assessment.  My students seem to do better when a word problem is read out loud. I want them to be able to do word problems with reading the problem on their own, but for this assessment, I made the decision to read it out loud to them.  For students with reading difficulties, I wanted to make sure this assessment measured math abilities, not reading abilities. I do not plan to read word problems for students all year, but felt like it was an appropriate scaffold for this time of year for my students.

I also gave students credit for incorrect numbers if they understood the concept of the additive compare problem in 3a. Some students subtracted incorrectly, therefore got an incorrect number for 3a, which also then forced incorrect answers for 3c, and 3d.  As a teacher, this assessment was not easy to correct, because I really had to analyze errors in 3a and determine if errors where conceptual errors in understanding additive compare problems, re-grouping errors, or basic fact errors.  Any errors I saw as basic fact errors, I counted the answer as correct with feedback to the student.  Errors that were regrouping errors were counted as 1/2 correct again with feedback to the student.  I thought it was important to give students points for being able to set up and solve an additive compare problem.  The subtraction algorithm is a separate skill. Students that did not set up the additive compare problem correctly and solve got the entire problem wrong, but did not get 3c and 3d marked wrong if they were able to show they could write expanded form and word form correctly for their incorrect numbers.  

 Click here for an example of a student's assessment with my teacher observations. This is a sample assessment in which the student scored very well .  This is side two of the test only. 

Click here for an example of a student's assessment with my teacher observations. This is an sample assessment in which the student has not yet mastered the place value concepts presented in this unit.