Assessing Their Understanding of Twain

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SWBAT demonstrate comprehension of a short story by writing responses to short-answer essay questions.

Big Idea

Time to see what they've learned about Mark Twain.


10 minutes

The test that my students take during this lesson is tough, but it allows students to show the kind of knowledge synthesis that the Common Core requires. 

To show my students that I'm not as cruel as they think I am, I give them 10 minutes to review their notes before beginning the assessment.  The should take some time to look at:

  • "The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" Vocabulary
  • Dialect Cornell Notes


Getting Down to Business

40 minutes

I allow my students the remainder of the period to complete this assessment.  If anyone finishes early, they can read their Independent Reading book.

Did They Get It?

2 minutes

Time to collect the tests, put on a pot of coffee, and see what they have learned!