Unit Test for Pretty Polygons

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SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge of topics relating to polygons like, proving that parallelograms have opposite sides congruent.

Big Idea

It's test time! Students will be tested on their knowledge of topics in polygon unit.

Review Before Test

15 minutes

Before starting their summative assessment, students can ask questions about problems from the Review Packet for Pretty Polygons.   If you had time in the review day to let students start this review packet then this may be a quick review, however, if students worked on the review at home then you may want to budget more time.  To review an assignment like this or homework, I usually use a specific technique which is discussed in this video: Homework and Test Question Review

Some of the review questions ask students to persevere through challenging questions (MP 1), while other questions focus on developing viable arguments in proofs (MP 3).  These types of questions mirror what students will be asked to complete in the assessment for this unit. 

Unit Test

60 minutes

Students will be tested on the pretty polygon unit using this Unit Test for Pretty Polygons.  The assessment focuses on asking students to apply concepts learned about parallelograms and also proving key concepts relating to parallelograms, a key standard:  HSG-CO.C.11.  

After completing this unit, half of the geometry course will be done!  The next lesson in this unit will review all the topics learned in this course.