Meet Rosina Day 2 of 3

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SWBAT ask and answer questions to understand key details in an informational text.

Big Idea

How is Rosina's life at home? Does she cook? What games does she play and who makes up her family? Come meet this fascinating girl.


5 minutes

Summary and Context

Today we continue reading the second part of Meet Rosina. As I read with them, I will ask text dependent questions to help them understand the key details of the text. This is still the first read so the questions  ask what the text states explicitly.

Aft we will debrief the lesson and share what we have learned.


Lesson Opening:

I start with the students on the rug. I share the objective. I ask them to pair share about what we learned yesterday. First, I ask the students to turn to their rug partner and share. I ask them to choose Partner A and Partner B. I ask Partner A to ask the question first. Once they both get a chance to share, I have a few share out loud. 

Reading with text dependent questions

25 minutes

Now we read the second part of the informational text. The first part was about Rosina's life at school. This second part is mostly about Rosina's life at home. Here are the text dependent questions:

Rosina's Text Dependent Questions

To read, I will use the cloze reading, I used yesterday and I will ask them to read silently. The cloze reading involves the teacher reading the text and leaving out a word intentionally for the students to fill in chorally. It keeps the reading moving along and the students engaged.

Because the text is not challenging, I ask them to read a few pages on their own. I invite you to choose the reading techniques appropriate for your classroom. It is best to be prepared with knowing what technique will be used and on what pages.

As I read, I reference the chart we created yesterday and add to it.

Collecting evidence


5 minutes

I gather the students on the rug and debrief the lesson. I ask them to pair share what they learned about Rosina in this part of the text.

Partner B now asks Partner A first.

Then, a few students share out loud.

I review the objective and I bring closure to the lesson.