Using a Computer Lab for the Publication of Narratives

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SWBAT use technology to publish writing products by typing their Exploding Moment narratives in MLA format.

Big Idea

Students flex their keyboarding mussels to write narratives in MLA format.

Lesson Introduction

Let's Get Started: Logging on and trouble shooting technology

10 minutes

Wow, the first time students log onto a computer is a keep your fingers crossed kind of moment.   I am unsure if the computer will work, will the student's log in work, and will it take most of the period to load.

The primary problem is that I have 35 students and there are 30 computers in the lab.  So I have to ask some of my colleagues if a student can use a computer in their classroom.  I try to make these arrangements ahead of time and assign students who I know can complete the task without assistance.  Secretly, I hope a few people are absent.  However, everyone is present. 

Today we are typing and submitting the exploding moment narrative (W 9-10. 6 and W.9-10.3).  It is the final stage of the writing process: publication in the appropriate format.  For this essay, the narrative must be in MLA format and submitted to Edmodo, our class on line site, by the end of class (L 9-10. 3a). 

Applying Knowledge: Follow Directions for Correct Format

30 minutes

Once everyone is logged on, I will go over MLA format.  I walk the students step by step to set up their essay.  And I remind them that they have a handout on MLA formatting if they need to visualize the instructions.  I also show them the Purdue OWL  so they have an online reference if they need it. 

After I take them through the steps, they will be on their own to type/revise their essays (W 9-10. 5).

Closing: Submission to Edmodo

5 minutes

Once students have finished typing/revising, they raise their hand so I can check their essay before it is submitted to Edmodo.  I am walking around the room keeping kids on task and answering questions.  I also have two student aids who circulate to help the 10th graders with any computer, formatting, or submission problems.  

I require my students to let me check the essay before it is submitted so I can double check the formatting.  I give a five minute warning, so the students can prepare to submit their narratives.