Rewind! Reviewing Integer Operations and Critical Thinking

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SWBAT practice Unit 1 skills by completing three levels of questions according to the three standards in this cluster

Big Idea

By relating this task to a video game and other incentives, student practice working with integers and the three Number System standards.

Do Now

10 minutes

The “Thinking Skills” worksheet is a review of the order of operations using positive and negative integers, as well as absolute value and exponents. Students are given answers to their Thinking Skills and are responsible for checking their own answers in 4 minutes. Students must have questions ready to ask and I answer them for 3 minutes.  Some common mistakes I review include misunderstanding the operation between integers in parentheses (i.e. 3(-5) is a multiplication problem not a subtraction problem).

After time is up, I ask students to get ready for our game: “Level Up!” by taking out two blank sheets of lined paper and writing the heading and aim at the top of each paper. This gives me time to set up the SMART Response document on the SMARTBoard. We will be using clickers to answer the questions displayed on the board. 

Task - Level Up!

30 minutes

Students will travel through 3 “worlds” to earn achievement points and “level up”. Students who complete all problems in each world will receive one achievement point per world. Additional achievement points will be given for correct answers (2 points if all correct & 1 point if at least half are correct). Say “level up!”, make a big deal about it, and put a sticker/stamp on the student’s card.

Each “level” will be capped at 10 minutes to make sure all of them are covered. Students will be recording their answers on clickers, keeping a record of their answers through-out the activity. Students are motivated by the fact that this assignment will be graded and they’ll be working for achievement points. Within each level there will also be 4-5 songs from the 90s to quiz their knowledge of “old” songs.

Students will be practicing MP1 as they may struggle to understand some of the critical thinking components (i.e. absolute value applications, number line directions). I will be covering some important critical thinking concepts and common mistakes in each “World”:

World1 – Integers and the Four Operations

+  Emphasize direction on the number line and absolute value relationships (i.e. in the problem 8+(-6), the “location of the sum is the absolute value of 6 units to the left of 8”)

+  Order of operations

World 2 – Properties of Multiplication and Division

+  Review the numerical properties when multiplying negative numbers. (i.e. if you multiply a negative number an odd number of times it is negative…)

+  Roman Numeral Questions

+  Division is not commutative

World 3 – Word Problems + Critical Thinking

+  The importance of a picture/number line

+  Understanding the context of the situation


10 minutes

Students will share out the concepts they realize they must study to prepare for the quiz. I will write sample questions on the board or indicate which HW problem will help them practice that skill.

Homework – Practice test with all answers given