Using Numbers to Catch the Criminal Day 3 of 3

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SWBAT generate data from real world measurement, graph the data as a scatter plot, find the linear regression model for the given set of data, and then use the regression model to make predictions.

Big Idea

Use gripping clips from the TV series Numb3rs to engage students in hands-on application of scatter plot and regression models.

Opening with Homework Discussion

10 minutes

Open the lesson today with student presentations of homework answers.  As students enter the room, I usually have a message on the board for anyone who wants to come on up and put answers on the board, I even pre-number the board so the answers are written in a logical order and students simply put their answers and show their work. I have a rewards system for participation, shooting a free throw as part of a class competition.  In the past I have also given candy to those students who will present homework answers.  Students must stay at the board and verbally present their work to the class and answer questions from their classmates or me in order to receive the reward.

Using the Data

30 minutes

Closing the Lesson and Homework

10 minutes

Using these last ten minutes hold a wrap up discussion of the questions students work to answer during class at the end of the activity, using the equations for the lines of best fit.  This is always fun as it helps you to discover who in your class is the most likely suspect.  You can make a big deal out of this if you want and have something funny, not serious, happen to the student.  It is always better also if you have students present their work, their thinking, and their answers to the class instead of you presenting.  Students are more engaged and take more ownership of their learning and their work if they are presenting the solutions throughout a lesson.  Homework could look like the attached practice page where students tonight are more focused on finding the equation of a line of best fit for the purpose of using the equation to make a prediction.  Today really focuses on the usefulness of the line of best fit and so should the homework assignment.