A Close Read of Grandfather's Journey

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SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of the text Grandfather's Journey by inferring and referring to details and examples during a close read.

Big Idea

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the story Grandfather's Journey by inferring and referring to details and examples as they ask and answer text-based questions during a close read.


1 minutes


10 minutes

I ask students have they ever wondered what life's journey included for their grandparents? As we read the story "Grandfather's Journey," we'll find out how the author Allen Say came to know and understand some of the things his grandfather loved and experienced in his lifetime.  To provide some context, we'll first watch a short Brainpop video about causes of World War II - the deadliest conflict in human history.  I use this video resource because WWII is a primary reason that the author's grandfather does not return to California towards the end of his life.  I think it is important for students to understand the causes and effects of WWII on the grandfather's life.

Close Read

40 minutes

(Students will first read the story "Grandfather's Journey" independently.  As they read, ask them to note any questions they have along the way.)

After students have independently read "Grandfather's Journey," we now take time to do a close read and answer any questions they have noted.  (After students ask and answer their own questions, teacher will use questions on the attached Powerpoint presentation to guide a close reading of the story.)


9 minutes

To close our lesson, we take a few minutes and write a list of interview questions students will ask one of their grandparents (or someone who is old enough to be your grandparent) tonight for homework in order to gain a better understanding of their life experiences.  We'll share our findings on tomorrow.