Student Lead Parent Conference - First Midterm Report

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SWBAT present their midterm report with confidence to their parents explaining how they were graded, why they have the current grade, and what they plan to do next to finish the quarter successfully.

Big Idea

Students "host" a student-lead parent conference to show ownership of their own learning and open the partnership between school and home.

Explaining the Goal of the Conference

5 minutes

Discussing the Handouts and Agenda with Students

35 minutes

Homework Assignment

5 minutes

I only assigned the parent conference for homework this weekend because I wanted it to be a focus of their weekend and not just a small part of what they did for my class.  I gave very strict and short deadlines for when conference reflection sheets were due back and clarified that only the reflection sheet on the back of the agenda came back to me signed and completed after the conference.  I was very careful and explicit with my goals for the homework (open communication between school and home), the procedures for the homework, and what was due Monday from the homework (only the completed and assigned reflection sheet).