Shakespeare's Secret: Assessment

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SWBAT show what they have learned from the mystery novel through the assessment.

Big Idea

Assessment Day! We now get to see what knowledge the students were able to glean from the novel.



30 minutes

This is an open book assessment for the novel "Shakespeare's Secret" by Elise Broach.  We have read this book as part of our mystery unit. 
As for this assessment I have chosen to let the students work on the test with an open book. In our state, the new common core assessments require the students to be able to pull information from the text to submit their answers. I feel it is important for the students to be able to practice finding answers within the text to support their answers. This assessment also includes a writing component which will be more of a short answer essay they will be graded more on content than the writing.  The Mysteries that the students wrote during this unit will be graded for writing.