Polynomial Function Workshop

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SWBAT solve problems that involve polynomial functions.

Big Idea

Take a breather and summarize the important concepts involving polynomial functions.

Review Workshop

35 minutes

We have spent the last four days studying polynomial functions, so it is a good idea to take a breather and review some of the important concepts we have learned. For today's review, put students in groups of three and have them work on the assignment. Have them work collaboratively and without their textbooks and notes to see what they can recall without help. Once they go through as much as they can, instruct them to circle the problems that they could not get to without help. This will be a good indication that they will need to study these concepts and problems in greater depth. After identifying problem areas, students can use resources to try to solve the remaining problems.

In the video below I identify some common misconceptions and areas that may be problematic for your students. In my experience, these have been problems that will stump my students.

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Class Discussion

15 minutes

For the last 15-20 minutes of class, post the answers and walk around to help students who are still stuck. Notice the problems that a majority of students are struggling with and pull the class together to have a discussion about these problems. You can ask students who did get the correct answer to show their work on the document camera and explain their solution strategy.