6th Grade Pretest

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SWBAT assess their prior knowledge of 6th grade topics.

Big Idea

Students will take a 6th grade math pretest.

Purpose of Pre-Test

5 minutes

The purpose of the pre-test is for me to assess if what is being covered in future units is already mastered by students.  Since I'm giving the test in the beginning of the school year, I expect low scores because most of the concepts and skills have not yet been taught.  As a result,  it serves as a baseline from which to measure progress throughout the year.

If the majority of students have mastered (80% or better) a topic, then I will simply review the topic, rather than teach the topic as if students don't have any prior understanding.  If it's a few students who haven't mastered a topic, then I can individualize my lessons towards them and give them remediation.  If the majority of the students haven't mastered a topic, then I know I have to teach the topic as a new topic.

Description of Pretest

90 minutes

The pre-test is composed of 80 multiple choice questions.  The test includes 16 different topics, with 5 questions for each topic.  The topics are:

1.  Multiply Whole Numbers by Fractions

2.  Multiply Fractions

3.  Divide Whole Numbers by Fractions

4.  Divide Fractions by Fractions

5.  Multiply and Divide by Posers of Ten

6.  Multiply Decimals

7.  Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers

8.  Divide by Decimals

9.  Understand Ratios

10.  Understand Percent

11.  Unit Rates

12.  Ratios in Tables of Data

13.  Solve Equations Using Number Sense

14.  Solve Equations Using Inverse Operations

15.  Use Formulas

16.  Volume


The test is administered over a 3 day period allowing 80 minutes each day.

Students should have a pencil and I will provide them with a test booklet and scrap paper.




How to Use the Pre-Test

5 minutes

When the Pre-Test has been graded, students will receive an Individual Record Sheet.  On this sheet each topic will be listed.  Students will count how many they have correct out of the five questions for each topic and change the fraction to a percent.  

After students complete the Individual Record Sheet, I will record the data on a Class Record Sheet.  This sheet consists of all the students' name on the left side listed alphabetical vertically and each topic number listed horizontally.  I will record the number of correct responses for each topic next to each students' name.  Then I will calculate and record the total number of correct responses for all 16 topics.

The Class Record Sheet allows me to quickly identify the topics that the class as a whole needs help with.