Review for Assessment

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SWBAT describe functions and perform function operations on several different types of functions .

Big Idea

Students learn how to study for tests as we review the primary function concepts covered during this unit.

Bell Work

10 minutes

For bell work I put a list of concepts on the board. This list was shared with students on the first day of the unit when students received the homework document.  Students spend a few minutes discussing each item on the list. As a group, they decide if they understand the concept or need review.

As the groups work, I listen to how they explain the concepts to each other. This informal assessment helps me to identify where to focus my attention during the review.

After about 8 minutes, I ask each group to identify their comfort level with the concepts. We mark the bullets as a quick survey.  Afterward I explain how I, myself, use this technique to help me study. On the night before a test I review the things I have studied, identifying the things that I know well and the items that I need to review. Once I complete this task, I find any work I have completed on the "need to review" items and use them as resources to prepare for the test.


30 minutes

I now have a review activity for students to complete. Students are put in groups of 2-3 students. I have placed review questions around the room. Each group works on a problem for 2-3 minutes and then rotate to the next problem. Once groups have been to each problem the groups return to their seats. I give the students 5 more minutes to discuss any problems they did not finish.

Once groups have worked on the problems. I put each problem on the board. I choose how to go over the problems by using the bell work survey. Since interval notation was a concern for the class I begin with that question. I ask students about the concern at the beginning of the class and if they still have questions? We check the answer to the review problem. I then move to another area of concern, piecewise-defined functions.  We discuss how to graph a piecewise-defined function since that is the worry of most students.




5 minutes

As class ends I tell students that I have always found the first test I take from a teacher is the hardest to prepare for. I am not sure how the teacher will test. I explain that most students find doing problems is the best way to prepare for my tests.

I also joke with the students and let them know asking me if the test is hard is not a good questions.  My opinion is that it is easy.  I also explain that I know they only have 47 minutes to take the test so I write tests that can be completed by students that understand the material. 

I have the above discussion to let students know that I understand their concerns. This class has students that strive to be successful and stress about little issues.