First Week of School, Day 4

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SWBAT follow classroom procedures.

Big Idea

Students will role play with the teacher to reinforce classroom procedures.


15 minutes

I will explain to students that in order for a classroom to run smoothly there have to be procedures in place.  I will discuss the procedures for several activities that occur in the classroom, such as entering the room.  I will share with students the consequences of not following the procedures.

Whole Class Activity

25 minutes

In this activity, my students and I will role play.  Students will take turns playing the teacher while I play the student who is acting inappropriately.  I emphasize to students that I will be the only "student" who is acting inappropriately and the rest of them will be following the classroom rules and procedures.  This is important because students think it's fun to play the "bad" student, but I don't want them to practice bad habits.

I instruct the students that if they are selected, they are to teach the class a simple lesson.  They are allowed to write on the board and ask questions like a real teacher.  I remind them that as a teacher, they are to address any problems appropriately and as best they can.  They should try to follow the consequences that we spoke about.


Some of my inappropriate behaviors will include:

1)    I will talk to the person sitting next to me while the “teacher” is talking

2)    I will refuse to try to do my work

3)    I will throw paper across the room

4)    I will talk without raising my hand

5)    I will get up without asking

6)    I will argue with a classmate.

7)    I will take a classmate's personal property.

8)    I will sharpen my pencil while the teacher is talking.

9)    I will pass a note to a classmate.

10)  I will copy a classmate's hw.


I will randomly choose a few students to play the teacher.  After each student has taught for a couple of minutes, I will stop them and ask them a few questions:

How did it feel to be the teacher?

Were you able to completely focus when there was a disruptive student?

Was it easy to stay on track and deal with the disruptive student?

How do you think it would feel if there were several disruptive students?


After each student has taught I will ask the class to share examples of some of my inappropriate behavior that they witnessed.

I will select at least 3 students to be the teacher so the class can see from 3 different perspectives how difficult teaching can be when there is a disruptive student.

Lesson Summary

5 minutes

At the conclusion of class I will remind students how important it is that they follow the classroom rules and procedures.  I will reinforce that it only takes one disruptive student to distract the teacher and other students.  

By this point, students have a better appreciation of the difficulty of teaching and classroom management.