Shakespeare's Secret is Unraveling Before our Eyes!!!!

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SWBAT use context clues within the novel to help understand and try to solve the mystery.

Big Idea

We have been reading "Shakespeare's Secret"by Elise Broach and we are getting to the GOOD part! (Ok really the whole book is great, this part is just extra good!)


Lesson Opener

10 minutes

Yesterday during our reading, we were able to reach our goal in the amount we read, we were unable however, to complete our detective debriefing for the day. So today we will start the lesson with our detective debriefing. The kids love this debriefing time because this is where they get to share the clues that they found within the text and the information they've gained that they feel is meant to the case. They really begin to feel like detectives, which gets them excited about learning and reading mysteries.

Lesson Project

45 minutes

Yesterday we read to chapter 19 in class and then I assigned them to read Chapters 19, 20, and 21 on their own.  (Not all of the "on your own" reading has to be done at home.  I give students time daily to do some reading and reading is always one of the choices when they finish different projects throughout the day.)

Today we will hold  group discussions, book club style, about the chapters we read yesterday.

I will divide the students into small groups of about six students where they will discuss what they've read so far in the novel. They will also look over the literature circle questions written in the back of the book and answer the ones that they can so far. (See lesson 2 of this unit for instructions on how I work the book club groups.)

We will read chapters 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 in the in class and then I will assign the students to read the rest of the book on their own tonight at home.

I will encourage the students to fill in the detective academy handbooks as they read and find clues and discuss the clues they have gathered so far.


Shakespeare's Secret by Elise Broach

Broach, E. (2005). Shakespeare's Secret. New York, NY : Scholastic Inc.

Lesson Closer

15 minutes

After reading and assigning homework for the night, I will pull the detectives together and will discuss what we've learned so far in the novel. This is where you try to get the kids pumped up for their homework. This is the climax of the book where the mystery is unraveled.  I would share the mystery with you, but I never like to give away the secret of a good book.  I will tell the kids that this is where all of their detective training comes into play. They get to use the clues found in the text to make theories as to what the outcome of the mystery will be. Now they get to solve the case!