"Read It, Don't Eat It!" (based on the book by Ian Schoenherr)

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SWBAT identify details from a story to demonstrate proper handling of a book. Student Objective: I can show how to handle a book gently.

Big Idea

Handling books properly prolongs their "shelf life"!


5 minutes

Whether we have your own classroom library or we utilize the school library, we want our students to treat the books with respect.  Teaching kids to respect books can be fun and empowering. 

Children, come join me at the rug.  Yesterday we talked about how we are Taking Care of Our Books in regard to shelving books and placing them in their proper place.  Are there a couple of you who would like to remind us how it is done?

Books are taken care of in a special way when we read them as well. Why might be important to learn how to care for books as we are reading them?  Who has some ideas about the ways to handle books?



15 minutes

You have some very good ideas about taking care of books.  I would like to share a book with you that is all about caring for your books. I will read the story once just so that you can enjoy the language and rhyme of the story, but then I will reread the story and have you look for specific ways that the animals in the story took care of the books. 

Once I finish the story, I ask the students to recall details from the story. 

We are going a list of the ways that the animals did not show careful reading.   Who can tell me some ways the animals were not careful?

All of these sentences are very negative.  We will take the not-so-good sentences written on the chart and turn them around into positive ways that we can take care of our books.  For example, if the sentence said, "Don't sneeze into your book," how could we change that sentence to be more positive? We could say, "Please cover your sneeze."  Let's change each statement so that we have a positive list to help us remember how to care for our books.

Now I am going to send you to your seats so that you can copy your favorite book caring rule. After you copy the rule, I would like you to illustrate the page so that we can create our own class book about caring for books in our classroom library.  I will make a copy to share with our school media specialist so that she can refer to it when we are at the library.



10 minutes

Each child will receive a piece of kindergarten writing paper to copy their favorite statement from our chart and then illustrate it carefully.  I will model the format for them to follow in order to give the book some predictability.

Once you have written your sentence and illustrated it carefully, bring your page up to me to share.  I would like to see what rule was important to you and why.  If you need help with the writing piece, you can tell me what you would like to say and I will write it down.