Compound Sentence Composition Bee

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SWBAT create compound sentences by participating in a Compound Sentence Composition Bee game.

Big Idea

Students will compose compound sentences on the board while participating in a Compound Sentence Composition Bee game.


1 minutes


9 minutes

(In order to activate students' prior knowledge I start the lesson by asking them "What is a compound word?".  When they tell me two small words put together, I use that information to relate to compound sentences.)

I confirm to my scholars that a compound word is two smaller words put together to create a larger word.  We'll use that same concept to help us understand compound sentences.  A compound sentence is two simple sentences joined by a comma, and a coordinating conjunction like "and," "but," or "or" to create a longer sentence.

For example, we take the simple sentence I write on the board - I like math.  In order to make this sentence compound, I need to add another simple sentence, a comma, and a coordinating conjunction - I like math, and I am going to make an "A" on my next math test!

Now, they try!  Write a compound sentence using the simple sentence - I like ice cream.

We share whole group when they're done.

Compound Sentence Composition Bee

45 minutes

Now, we're going to play a Compound Sentence Composition Bee game.  We'll divide into 2 teams.  The first student on each team will write a simple sentence on the board, the next student will add a comma, a conjunction, and another simple sentence in order to form a compound sentence.  (I display the attached resource of The Compound Sentence Formula on the SmartBoard.)  If it's correct, the team gets a point.  If it's not, the next student will try to correct it in order to earn a point for his/her team.  We continue the process until one team reaches 20 points.  That will be the winning team!  Let's begin!


5 minutes

Now, to close our lesson, please take a few minutes a do a quick write on what you learned today about composing compound sentences.  We'll share whole group when you're done.